Great Streets Phase II

Southall Great Streets Phase II

Update: Below you’ll find concept designs for each of the spaces we’re looking at under Phase II os the Southall Great Streets Programme. We’re always open to your ideas and comments, so please feel free to contact us on

With significant progress made in relation to a radical upgrade of the Broadway, the Partnership has turned its attention to the main north-south route linking both old and new Southall.

Nine public spaces were identified as having the greatest potential return on investment – a critical consideration when resources are under strain. Working with all our partners, it was agreed that this project should include the design and delivery work for the Southall Shopfronts project.

Including these key nine spaces with the shopfronts project allows everyone with a stake in Southall’s town centre to come together to talk about those improvements in a way which has the greatest benefit. Our view is that we need to focus on the Southall ‘experience’. This relates to creating an inviting, safe and even joyful environment for both those who come to Southall already (the retention of our existing visitors) and for those who might visit in the future (the attraction of new visitors).

For this to be successful, we all (the Partnership, businesses and the community) need to come together to actively enliven our streets and spaces with positive, inclusive and inviting activities. This builds very much on the Charter’s call for joint action: “we will, if you will”.

This project will involve consultation on what people want to see in the spaces in Spring-Summer 2013, with detailed designs being prepared in Summer-Autumn 2013, before going on site in Autumn-Winter 2013. Further information will be provided on this page.


A presentation from the first public meeting (25/03/13) is available here.

Stage C (Concept designs) uploaded on the website (12/07/13)

Below, we present information on theĀ nine locations, which will be updated at each stage in the development of the project. For most of the spaces, or points, the stagesĀ are:

  • Base Drawings (the site as it is today): these are being used as an engagement tool with businesses and public to understand the detailed issues in the places we’re aiming to improve
  • Initial/Concept Proposals (RIBA C): these present ideas for change based on the architects interpretation of the site and on their understanding of what matters to those who use our high streets
  • Detailed Designs (RIBA D): at this stage the detailed designs will set out what we propose to implement

The nine locations and associated documents are set out below:

Southall Great Streets Overview

5 thoughts on “Great Streets Phase II

    • Thank you for your query.

      You can provide general comments / broad observations currently. However, we’re due to receive the Concept Designs on 21/05/2013 and will put them on the website soon thereafter, once we’ve checked for accuracy. The status of these designs are “ideas/options” and are not therefore necessarily what will happen in due course. They do however reflect the suggestions received to date and some of the ideas are the product of significant discussions with local interested parties and help us in making choices between different proposals. At this juncture, it might be best to wait until these concept designs are released.

      We’ll be having a relatively short consultation on the concept designs (2 weeks from issue on the website), as the feedback from the last two sessions was that the public would prefer to respond to specific proposals, as it was felt general issues, concerns and ideas had been captured through the year-long Southall Big Conversation process. The relative shortness of the consultation period also reflects the extent to which we’ve been working with local community groups, faith groups, businesses and landowners in relation to developing the proposals. Generally speaking, this stage is considered very early in the design process, and it is not typical to consult at this juncture.

      We will then hold a public meeting around the formal proposals – the precise timing of this will depend on our ability to work through some of the detailed design issues in good time. We are hoping to be in a position to present the detailed designs and to hold a public meeting in June/July of this year.

      I hope that’s useful.

      Kind regards,
      The Southall Partnership

    • Apologies for the delay – as is often the case in the ideas stage, we had a lot of possiblities to chase up. The concepts now on the website represent the broad proposals. These have been shared with Councillors and with those at each of the sites. Once we have put some flesh on the bone (this is what happens in stage D, detailed designs), we will then return to the public to gather their input into the detailed proposals. As this is in essence nine projects rolled into one, it may be that not all nine points are ready at once, but we’re aiming for an Autumn consultation event.

      All the best,
      The Southall Partnership

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