Cleaner, Greener Southall

This project area will comprise three elements, reflecting the emphasis the community placed through the Big Conversation on everyone playing their part. These are education, community action and more enforcement.

We will be beginning with a series of activities in March 2013 and are keen for others to get involved.

2 thoughts on “Cleaner, Greener Southall

  1. There’s a family fun day at Southall Recreation Grounds building on another one we held in March at the Manor House Grounds. Both sought to work with kids to educate them about the importance of the environment and taking care of their town.

    Tomorrow’s event will include a community clean-up of the Canal, working with A Rocha, Clifton Primary and the Canals and Rivers Trust.

    We hope to launch a wider anti-spitting, anti-littering campaign in the Autumn.

    Apologies for the delay in providing this response.

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