The Southall Charter

The Southall Charter was launched on December 13th, 2012 and sets out a Vision for Southall’s future. Developed with the community, businesses and all those who work to make Southall a better place, the Charter focuses in on the actions needed to help turn the Vision into reality.

The Charter’s Vision calls on all those with a stake in Southall to

all work together to renew pride in Southall, building on the ambition of its culturally diverse community, creating a place where the potential of all is truly realised

We understand that in working together in true partnership, we need to make commitments about how we’re going to improve how we work. The Charter commits us to

  • work to involve people and organisations, not just engage with them (participation beyond consultation);
  • work more imaginatively together, not being constrained by traditional boundaries (working smartly together);
  • work to challenge the behaviour of a minority, which is having a negative impact on the experience of the majority (being good neighbours);
  • talk Southall up (promoting Southall); and
  • work to improve local employment opportunities (supporting local employment and skills)

The Big Conversation was clear that what people wanted to see was action to improve Southall as a place and to reinforce its strengths as a community. Those we spoke to were clear that all parties have a role to play and the 19 projects and project areas reflect this need for everyone to pull together and play their part. The 19 projects are split up into five main work programmes:

  1. Southall Together is about behavioural change and promoting inclusivity. This ranges from tackling some of the negative issues raised through the Big Conversation, such as how we treat our local environment and anti-social behaviour to promoting inclusivity by having a range of events for the whole community throughout the year.
  2. Southall Massive:Small is about tapping into the power of the community and local businesses to make lots of small changes and improvements, which together can make a massive impact on how Southall is experienced and perceived by residents and visitors alike.
  3. Southall Town is a series of improvements to the town centre, working in close partnership with our local businesses.
  4. Southall Living works with a range of partners to improve people’s quality of life in a series of key areas like the provision of quality housing, promoting healthier lifestyles and providing our young people with a good start in life.
  5. Southall Transform is a series of aspirational projects ranging from a new Community Hub in Old Southall to a series of enhancements to Southall’s streets. Some of these projects have funding, others represent a statement of the community’s aspiration, which the partners will explore to see if they can help make them a reality.

You can download a summary of the Charter here

And a full copy of the Charter here