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Welcome to the Southall Partnership’s website!

The Southall Partnership are working through the Southall Charter and its 19 different project areas to improve the quality of life for Southall’s residents and to ensure that Southall has what it needs to grow and prosper in the years to come. The Charter’s vision recognises that renewing our pride in Southall is central to allowing us build on the obvious ambition¬†and energy that is so readily evident in our bustling town.

On this website you can learn about the Southall Charter, which grew from the year-long Big Conversation, which the Partnership undertook with all those who have a stake in Southall’s future. You’ll also find details about events and news, about the Southall micro-fund (a small grants initiative) and about how to contact the Partnership.

About Southall
Southall is a town in Ealing, West London. With a registered population of about 70,000, Southall covers 5 wards with a surface area of some 1,080 hectares. Southall is characterised by an incredibly vibrant series of town centres, a significant volume of employment land, and some very intensely used residential neighbourhoods. One of the most diverse parts of London, Southall has a history of welcoming new people and peoples – the cohesion you see in Southall is a testament to the work which the community and its leaders have placed on positive relations amongst the community. One contributor to this process put it best “we know how to love each other in Southall”. If we could improve Southall physically and in terms of economic opportunity, we can but hope that we can retain that attribute for the next generation.

One thought on “Southall Partnership

  1. I feel that there is just a diversity here, i have lived her for more than 3o years and am now raising my children in southall, having studied at cambridge i first encountered communities and cultures first hand and was able to learn about them.
    I dont feel we have given young people this opportunity by holding multi-faith days or events in southall, all communities do things by themselves but don’t integrate, as a teacher and mother i feel this is essential to live in harmony. i would like to contribute to make this happen here in southall

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